“I have learned so much from Steve Grossman. His insights seem to be years ahead of the research that confirms them. His combination of expertise and presentation skills is really hard to beat.”
—Anthony LeStorti
Executive Consultant, IDEATECTS Inc.
Senior Associate, Howe School Alliance for Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology
Author, When You’re Asked To Do the Impossible

“I worked with Steve at Scott Paper, and he introduced me to the subject of Creative Problem Solving. I later brought him in to work with me as a consultant after I joined Johnson & Johnson to lead a department charged with developing new technologies. I later asked him to help with the creation of new businesses for Plebys International.
“Steve is one of the most creative people I have met, and is very passionate about his work. I can say without equivocation that he has had a significant role in my own development as an entrepreneur and business innovator.”
—Dr. Tralance Addy, VP Johnson & Johnson, co-founder Plebys International

“I recommend Steve as an expert in creative consulting and creative problem solving. He has helped to guide my career path by highlighting key values within me, which have reminded me of who I am and what I want to do. A true visionary, Steve asks the right questions to help those with problems find creative solutions in valuable and attainable ways. Part scientist, part creative consultant and part leader, Steve is also naturally empathetic and helps his clients recognize obstacles that may be blocking their path to creative fulfillment. I feel lucky to have met Steve and hope others have the opportunity to work with such a unique person.”
—Jill Malek, Entrepreneur, Creative Director See case study

“Several years ago, I attended a creativity course conducted by Steve Grossman. Few learning experiences in my lengthy career have had such a positive impact. Steve had a total command of the subject and completely brought the material to life.”
—David LeGrow, Department Head Engineering and Computers, Scott Paper Co.

"Steve Grossman and I met through our mutual involvement as annual presenters at the Creative Education Foundation’s annual meeting event (CPSI).
"Attending many of his sessions at the Creative Institute, I learned a great deal about tools and techniques for generating creative ideas that he and his associates had invented.
"I have known Steve as a colleague for a number of years and find him one of the most creative and solid thinking consultants. He gets results for his clients and trains them well."
Dr. Robert Alan Black, Global Creativity Advocate

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