Solve Your Business Problems With the genius of natural selection

A Case in Point

Jill Malek, a creative talented wallpaper designer, came to us with a problem all too familiar to small business owners. After her initial successes, Jill ran into some business setbacks, the result of a confluence of factors.

Rising manufacturing costs
Time constraints as a new mother
An economic downturn that resulted in the disappearance of some of her marketing associates and the outlets they represented

Forced to get more involved in all aspects of her business, Jill had less time for the creativity responsible for her original success.

Finally, after seriously considering throwing in the towel and going into the design area of a large corporation, Jill called Cruising to Aha!

After about 20 focused hours spread over 5 weeks time, Jill realized she needed to focus on her talent as an artist, customizing designs for specific markets. As a result:

Jill’s work has been purchased by well-established architecture and design firms.
She has designed custom patterns for a large Southwestern hotel, as well as for a 5-star-rated international hotel chain. The installations will occur in the ensuing fall season.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art has exhibited her wallpaper designs.

She was chosen as a guest artist for Hewlett-Packard to create a custom wall covering for Design Week in New York.

She had her first solo Artist show in a Chelsea (NYC) gallery.

Her work is being displayed in a Parisian gallery this fall for Paris Design Week.