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Solve Your Business Problems With the Help of Our Genius

Free Cruising Introduction

Friday, January 12th, 2018, 2 pm

Aquatic and Fitness Center

Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Do you have difficult business problems that are important, but every effort you make to resolve them yields solutions that are at best a distasteful compromise?  DON’T WORRY—HELP IS HERE, AND HELP IS FREE. ALL THAT IS NEEDED IS AN HOUR OF YOUR TIME.

Steve Grossman, who by background is a physicist, inventor, multi-patent holder and former head of New Product Research for a Fortune 500 company, will present a distillation of his breakthrough process, Cruising To Aha. “Cruising” is the result of his 30-year study of the human creative process, coupled with his international consulting experience for over 100 corporations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

He will present ideas and techniques that will topple all the clichés about creativity such as brainstorming and the like. For example, he will show you why feeling bad is many times much more beneficial than feeling good in helping to discover your next great idea.